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Test Marketing For Ajax Chicken Pie


After participating in the Module Five discussion, write a short paper and describe how a test market can forecast success or failure for our Ajax chicken-pie problem. Be as specific as possible and defend your choices with information from the module content and your online research.

Here is my discussion for the week-

Once the survey is actually deployed into the test markets and analyzed we would have a much better understanding of our potential market(s).  I like my current survey, but I could potentially add one or two quick questions, such as: Do you like pot pies? [Yes, no] How much would you be willing to pay for a hot and fresh chicken pot pie for a family of four? [$12 - $15, $16 - , $20 or more, none of the above]

I think this advertising campaign would consist mostly of on-premise signage and promotions, packaging, and coupon promotions. But there would be some social media aspect as well. Signage and packaging needs to reflect convenience of time and health. Fresh, hot and tasty need to come through loud and clear. Tastings should be held during the first couple months of the launch with a quarterly reprise. These tastings should offer collateral that has tips for healthy and tasty family dinners, and pairing good wines or beers with the pies, etc. Coupons are always a big hit, so Ajax should offer coupons through store circulars and through an e-club/app. Once again hot, fresh, and tasty are the key words. 
As far as social media goes we’re creating a branding campaign that offers up Ajax as the expert in tasty and healthy dining for the busy family. This can be accomplished through a blog housed on the Ajax webpage, Pinterest, Facebook and an e-club. Other sites such as Instagram and YouTube may be added at a later date. Pinterest is known for its photography and recipes and its main audience is women. Beautiful Ajax food shots linked to blog tips and helpful dining insights should build brand awareness and equity.

I don’t believe TV would help too much at this time. Although TV does have great reach the cost can be prohibitive. The appropriateness of TV can be evaluated in 6 month when a sufficient amount of campaign data has been analyzed. At that time it may become evident that a TV campaign that highlights convenience of time and health is appropriate.


Title: Test Marketing For Ajax Chicken Pie
Length: 2 pages (550 Words)
Style: APA


Test Marketing for Ajax Chicken Pie

Ajax chicken pie is a new product in the market. The producer intends to carry out a test market to analyze the response from customers. Ajax intends to expose the chicken pie to all potential customers in order to determine the price at which it could sell the pie, its potential customers, mode of packaging and quantity of packing its goods (Lamb & McDaniel, 2012).

Importantly, Ajaxhas a questionnaire that would illustrate the category of those who like the pie. It would determine their age, sex and price at which they are willing to buy the pie. The market researchers intend to use promotions, on-premise signage, and coupon promotion to determine their potential customers. In addition, the firm will utilize social media on its test marketing. Accordingly, the company believes that millions of social media users would respond positively to the product and perhaps form a market segment. Their packaging and signage would reflect healthy handling of food and convenience (Lamb & McDaniel, 2012).


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