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Psychology 6 Pages

Teratogens And Development


This is for a behavior health psych class for a nursing degree. I begin by defining the topic for example, what is teratogens and how they effect development.

The second part includes descriptions of studies I read on the topic,type and amount of participants the study had and any other demographic factors the specific research question the article asked and the results of the study the final part  includes any comments or criticsm of the research I had read as well as any ideas for further research on the topic

I also list article details not often found in the abstract of the article like types of assessments/tests used a detailed breakdown of the participants such as how many infants were examined when and what ethnicities and how many from each ethnicity,etc it had to have a reference and title page but 6 written. Only federal government or state resources or edu


Title: Teratogens And Development
Length: 6 pages (1650 Words)
Style: APA


Teratogens and Development

Teratogens are agents that cause abnormalities after fetus exposure during pregnancy. The agents normally occur after particular defects increase (Carrasco, 2013). For instance, during the 1960s, doctors used thylomide to treat morning sickness, but prolonged exposure during this stage of development created phocomelia. This condition was a congenital malformation that attached both the feet and arms to abbreviated arms and legs. A pregnancy is most vulnerable during the early stages of development both at home and in the workplace. These effects relate to the types of agents, dosage duration and exposure periods. Teratogenic agents may often include infectious agents, physical agents, maternal factors, environmental and chemical agents, and drugs (Carrasco, 2013). Examples of infectious agents are varicella, syphilis, or herpes while physical agents include hyperthermia or ionizing agents. Environmental agents may include herbicides or industrial solvents while maternal factors include diabetes. If medication is necessary, it is advisable that patients receive the lowest dosage possible. Doctors should avoid combining drug therapies and exposing them during the first trimester.


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