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Teenage Impact By Unhealthy Trend



Topic and Purpose

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Project Description

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Planned Methodology

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Preliminary Outline of Recommendation Report

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Task Assignments and Schedule

Give a schedule of when you expect to complete each part of the project (planning/researching/drafting/revising).


Title: Teenage Impact By Unhealthy Trend
Length: 2 pages (583 Words)
Style: MLA


Teenage impact by unhealthy trend


The influence of media has a significant role in the well-being and behavior of teenagers and youth (including children). The increased population of teenagers in the population cohort has led to media house and companies coming up with products and advertisements that target the teenagers. Therefore, the contents present in various media such as videos, images, written articles, impact on the teenagers either positively or negatively. Media products in the current world show numerous contents which teenagers can easily access, especially through the use of internet and computers. For instance, women wearing unrealistic clothing and having sexy clothing influences the teenagers to try and emulate whatever they have seen on television or in movies. This unhealthy trend causes teenagers to practice and wear such types of clothing in the name of ‘fashion.’ This research will attempt to investigate teenager impact by unhealthy trend, regarding media in this context.


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