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Technology: The Addiction That Is Here To Stay


Discuss the positive and negative impact of technology upon day to day life of consumers.    


Title: Technology: The Addiction That Is Here To Stay
Length: 8 pages (2003 Words)
Style: APA


Technology: The Addiction That Is Here to Stay

Technology has increasingly begun to play an integral role in our society. It has initiated problems with addiction. It has made lives easier but has also changed the concept of communication where many interactions are through the use of technology as oppose to social interaction. Society is facing a devastating outlook. With social networks like Facebook to make friends, and Twitter to keep up with them, speaking to someone in person could potentially be eliminated altogether. In addition to this ample time is lost by checking Blackberries and iPhones at alarming rates. Technology is an addiction that can halt the development of many important social skills, cause health problems, and can also cause problems because of unreliability. It is an addiction that can be seen anywhere from a child glued to the television, to an adult that checks their Blackberry dozens of times in an hour.


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