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Communications 5 Pages

Technologies In Medical Field


You are hired as a research coordinator by the new hospital in town. One mission of the hospital is to work hard in preventing health issues by using new technologies created by health conscious engineers. Your task is to review health-related videos and articles and provide a summary of current technology being used in the medical field to prevent health issues for the hospital stakeholders.
Your summary must include:

  • A summary of at least three health-related technologies
  • An explanation of how robots and artificial intelligence can benefit hospitals

Choose one of the following options for your summary:

  • A 2- to 3-minute podcast using the software of your choice, such as Sound Recorder or Audacity to create your audio file and save as a MP3 or WAV.
  • A 2- to 3-minute video delivered as an MP4 or MOV file.
  • Infographic delivered as a PDF.  You may use any Microsoft® Office product or free sites such as Piktochart,, or Canva to create an infographic

Title: Technologies In Medical Field
Length: 5 pages (1000 Words)
Style: APA


Technologies used in hospital enable the medical practitioners to minimize or eliminate error completely. The errors that may arise include lack of good communication, improper medication among others. Various technologies are in place. In a different hospital and what differs one from another is the function and the department each one is performing (Thanou, et al.2014).

Wearable Materials 

One of the current technologies is the wearable technologies which both the patient and the doctor and health care providers were. There is the surgery glasses .the current technologies implement in the health care is to increase the relationship of the health care providers and the patients (Alrige,et al.2015).


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