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Team Reflection Paper


You may use past results for this assignment as the DISC is results generally do not change over time. To complete the DISC Assessment, then create a team reflection paper (double spaced) that defines the strengths and weaknesses of your team based on the DISC assessments. Comment on who is best suited for what leadership roles when solving real-world problems.


Title: Team Reflection Paper
Length: 1 pages (275 Words)
Style: MLA


Team Reflection Paper

             The team that I work with has a high level of dedication towards any task that it undertakes. It is naturally strong because the members understand themselves in terms of personal ability. Each participant in the team knows his value as part of the group. The understanding enhances the alignment of personal behaviors for the sake of achieving the team’s objectives. The level of teamwork that the crew exhibits leads to the development of unique strategies that meet the needs of the environment in which they work. As part of the team, I am always enthusiastic just like the other members for the sake of achieving mutual goals.


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