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Teach How To Think


In his speech, David Foster Wallace says one of the goals of a liberal arts education is to “teach you how to think” about the world. What does he mean by this? How does sociology (or other courses like it) fit into this perspective on education? How might some of the things you learned this semester help shape “how you think” about the world around you and the people you encounter


Title: Teach How To Think
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  Teach How to Think

He means that life is full of puzzles and personal things either said to us or seen. We all have our different ways on how to perceive them; it is can be in their literal meaning or the underlying hidden meaning the point is, we all get to think about it but in different ways. Besides, the most of the necessary things that we believe they are obvious turns out to be exactly the opposite of what we first thought. Teaching how to think may seem absurd for a fully grown up but the basic concept of learning how to think is learning how to be less arrogant in our approaches. It means being conscious enough to choose what you think about and what not to think, constructing meaningful thoughts out of the experience.


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