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Tap Water's Advantage over Bottled Water
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Tap Water's Advantage Over Bottled Water


Compare and contrast the advantages of tap water over bottled water.  Use empirical data given by researchers to support your position.


Title: Tap Water's Advantage Over Bottled Water
Length: 5 pages (1433 Words)
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Tap Water's Advantage over Bottled Water 

Sometimes it can seem if the world is in the same place as Samuel Taylor Coleridge was when he stated these famous words from The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, "Water, water, everywhere, nor any drop to drink." Is the world surrounded by water that cannot be consumed or is the consumption of water something that is never really considered in the broad scheme of things? What about all the bottled water that is being consumed on a daily basis? What are the benefits of having bottled water readily available? What are the consequences of producing billions of plastic bottles to hold this precious commodity? Each choice that is made has consequences. What consequences can mankind truly live with? Do the benefits of bottled water outweigh the costs to produce it? This topic is greatly debated, and while doing research I have reached the conclusion that in my mind, the production of bottled water is not a wise economic choice, not environmentally friendly, and is not necessarily a healthier choice. Good old tap water however, is all these things and more.


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