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Management 2 Pages

Talent Management


Review the Video - Talent Management in the New Work Environment

Prepare a paper responding to the questions listed below.

Assignment Submission: Submit on Canvas -- No specific number of words are required – the key is to effectively answer each question.

Reference the Video and prepare your paper addressing the following questions:

  1. The speaker referred to a study regarding talent outcomes where the talent productivity leaders, those achieving the very best results fall into four critical areas, what are those four areas? Explain. [8 points]
  2. The speaker stated there is, through lots of different data sources evidence that talent management actually drives tremendous business results, and in 2013 it is becoming even more of a challenge and as a result we must respond to four critical trends. What are those four trends? Explain each. [8 points]
  3. The speaker made reference to the fact that today’s workforce consists of four generations of people. What are those four generations? (Tip: This was not stated in the video), and what are the implications for employers having four generations of people working together? [8 points]
  4. The speaker stated that executives state that significant performance improvement is needed in order to achieve the required business outcomes, with many calling for a productivity increase in the 20% to 25% range. Additionally the employees are strained by many new realities in the workplace. What is one significant reality? Explain. [8 points]
  5. The speaker indicated that based upon input from her global offices, five big steps have emerged that companies need to take in order to drive better talent and importantly better business outcomes, what are these five? Explain each. [8 points]
  6. As you consider all the key points provided by the speaker, what do you believe are the implications for the Human Resources function of a company? What must HR Leadership do differently to prepare for these changing demands? What must you do either as an HR professional or as a Management professional to best prepare yourself as you enter (or continue) in the business world? [10 points]


Title: Talent Management
Length: 2 pages (635 Words)
Style: MLA


Question 1

There are four critical areas that determine productivity in an organization. Firstly, the concept of employee engagement proposes that an organization should create means of making employees feel as the owners of the organization. Employee engagement is a process of ensuring that employees indulge in the affairs of an organization. Secondly, the goal alignment factor considers that an organization tunes employees’ skills and efforts towards the strategies of an entity. Finally, the concept of cultural alignment means that an organization has to respect the cultural context in which it functions by allowing the incorporation of given values and attitudes of employees. In addition, there is the trend of organizational agility that requires organizations’ ability to adapt to new trends.


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