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System Theory


Read the journal article Systems Theory by Hong, et al, in the Lecture 1 file located in the content tab. Discuss the differences between an open and closed system and how they relate to nursing practice.  Support your assertions and tie in with evidence from your text, Lean In (personalities/stereotypes), Magnet and  Standards of Care. Book “Lean In” (women, work and the will to lead by: Shery sanberg .Spelling and grammar checks please.  

Cite sources within your text in APA format, as well as provide a reference list (APA) at the end of your post. You do NOT have to write your entire post in APA format.  Just cite your sources and do your reference list at end of post in APA format.  Please also respond to at least 2 of your colleagues posts.  Discussions are to be done in a scholarly and well thought out man


Title: System Theory
Length: 1 pages (275 Words)
Style: MLA


Systems Theory

System theory explains the problems that people are likely to go through, the relationships they form, the structures put up in organizations, as well as the interdependence of systems. A system is a regular interaction or interdependence of items that are part of the whole. At least three types of systems exist, including rational, natural, and open systems (Sandberg 78). Both rational and natural systems view an organization as a closed unit which operates independently from the external environment. On the other hand, the open system suggests that an organization is highly dependent on the environment and cannot operate without it.


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