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or this paper, you will choose one symbol . Research your topic in the library and online to locate at least one primary and one

secondary source to support your thesis.

Primary Source suggestions: Dictionaries or Encyclopedias of Symbolism or Allusion.

Secondary Sources: Literary Criticism from scholarly sources.

Remember basic definitions of analysis and evaluation; both must be present in  paper.

Analysis involves gathering facts and data from the story and research sources, and evaluation

(interpretation) involves coming to your own conclusions about what the story means. Both

must be present in your paper. For this assignment, you must remember to discuss the chosen

symbol as an integral part of the story. Do not simply discuss the symbol  

only; you must analyze and evaluate how the author uses the symbol in the story

and how the symbol relates to a theme.


Title: Symbolism
Length: 3 pages (825 Words)
Style: MLA


Symbolism as a form of expression has been in existence for a relatively large extent of time. It has been used in different expression of art that not only literature, but also other fields like architecture, art and poetry. Strong statements have been used to underscore the importance of symbolism. For example, without symbolism there can be no literature. This statement seeks to emphasize the idea of arbitrary literature. If literature expresses itself with mere words, letters, combination of letters or mere sounds without the use of symbols, then its expression becomes arbitrary. Brodskaia in the endeavor of exploring the manifestation of symbolism defines symbols as a representation of that does not aim at being a reproduction (7). This paper examines the symbolism used in Guy de Maupassant’s story, “An adventure in Paris.”


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