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Surgery For Weight Loss In Adults


Describe the relevance of the nursing research problem addressed in a Systematic Research Review to practice. (CO 3, 6)

Critique the levels of evidence of the studies used in the Systematic Research Review, specifically the designs of the studies included. (CO 6)

Critique the clarity with which the studies are presented and critiqued. (CO 6)

Describe the overall findings of the studies, as summarized in the Systematic Research Review. (CO 3, 6)

Critique the conclusions of the Systematic Research Review, with implications for your current practice and future research. (CO 3, 6)

Utilize the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews to locate a true Systematic Research Review for this assignment.


Title: Surgery For Weight Loss In Adults
Length: 5 pages (1456 Words)
Style: APA


Surgery for Weight Loss in Adults

The relevance of the research problem in the SRR to practice

The research nursing problem addressed in the article is relevant and significant in practice for a number of reasons. Obesity has become a critical issue of concern in the modern world and, therefore, the need for researching weight loss requirements and strategies. Since obesity may be genetic and not necessarily result from excessive food intake, bariatric processes are important for the control of the problem even when the other methods fail. At the same time, bariatric is not a common procedure conducted on many people since some fear it could have serious problems. The research is of significance in the field of nursing because it gives the light of the issue by highlighting the effects of bariatric surgery.

Nursing research has previously considered and compared the prevalence of obesity and its causes. While some researchers have argued that most of the obesity problems result from dietary factors, it has not been easy to come up with the actual number of those suffering from dietary obesity and those suffering from genetic obesity. As can be expected, most of the obesity cases that are genetic may be the ones that are not easy to control by the other simple weight loss methods. Obesity and weight loss are important research topics to develop a research problem in the field of nursing. There are many preventable diseases that emanate from this problem. Therefore, learning to control the obesity problem is equivalent to learning to control, manage, and treat numerous infections of the modern century. The research question presented in the SSR article is an important foundation to open up the criticality of thought among researchers in the field of nursing.


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