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Supporting Good Practice In Managing Employee Relations


1. Understand the impact of employment law at the start of the employment relationship.

2. Understand the main individual rights that the employee has during the employment relationship.

3. Understand the issues to address at the termination of the employment relationship and write a guidance leaflet which covers key points of the areas detailed below:

The impact of employment law at the start of the employment relationship, including:

  • 2 internal and 2 external factors which can impact on the employment relationship
  • 3 different types of employment status and 3 reasons why it is important to clearly determine an individual’s employment status. Employee rights during the employee relationship, including:
  • The importance of work life balance and related legislation
    concerning holidays, rest periods, working hours and night working
  • Family/parent-related legal support, including maternity leave, paternity leave, adoption leave and dependants leave
  • 2 reasons why employees should be treated fairly in relation to pay
  • The main points of equalities legislation including the concepts of direct and indirect discrimination, harassment and victimisation
  • The concept of the ‘psychological contract’ and examples of policies and procedures which can underpin this. Issues to be addressed at the termination of the employment relationship, including:
    • The differences between fair and unfair dismissal
    • The importance of exit interviews to both parties
    • The key stages to be followed in managing redundancies and the impact of redundancy on the whole organization

Title: Supporting Good Practice In Managing Employee Relations
Length: 10 pages (2750 Words)
Style: APA


Supporting Good Practice in Managing Employee Relations


Employees form the most valuable asset in an organisation. It is vital for employees in a firm to work jointly as a unit towards achieving shared goals. If employees have a good working relationship with any establishment, they become more productive helping the organisation to increase profits. Human resource managers in many firms understand the importance of having a healthy working environment by ensuring there is a proper relation between the employees and the company. Maintaining a good practice in the management of employees makes perfect business sense for any organisation. Managing a productive relationship with employees require similar processes such as those needed to maintain any association. It is imperative to have a real understanding of those needs and the desire to meet them. After that, maintaining communication both interpersonal and formal is vital too. There should also be improvements and adjustments made when the wanted results in the relationships do not bear the expected outcomes.


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