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Supply Chain Management


Essay on Freight transportation business.


Title: Supply Chain Management
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Freight transportation in a business acts as the backbone for the business. Depending on the business location, the warehouse location, the source of cargo, and types of goods, different forms of cargo transportation take place which include: rail, water, highway and air. The prices for these forms of transport differ with the highest cost being air transportation. This paper shall therefore consider the prices for these various forms of cargo transportation in tone-mile or in dollars after which the cost shall help in deciding which form of freight transportation is suitable for a business located in Murfreesboro, a small  city with a population of 108, 755 according to the 2010 census (Mahoney, 1985). The main factor considered when selecting the form of transportation often involves ensuring that the goods reach the customers in time for consumption and at the lowest cost possible. From this paper, the factors that need consideration when selecting a mode of transport for cargo will be analyzed. There will also be a consideration for the prices that each mode of transport poses and the factors contributing to the cost of the particular mode of transport.


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