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Engineering 11 Pages

Superforming – Advances In Forming Technology


“Superforming – Advances in Forming Technology” You are required to
write a 2,500 ± 200 word (excluding references and appendix) case study
of the recently developed manufacturing process of “Superforming”. The
case study report should comprise the following elements: 

  1. A suitable introduction.
  2.  A detailed discussion of the principal methods, and
    compatible materials, used in the process and compare these to related
    technologies such as deep drawing, metal stamping or thermoforming. 
  3. A discussion of at least three typical applications, as reported by
    various industries, and consider these in terms of quality, cost, and
    environmental impact. 
  4. Provide a clear explanation, using suitable
    diagrams and illustrations, of how the effectiveness of the superforming
    process depends on the microstructural characteristics of the metal
    (e.g. grain shape, size, orientation, etc.) and how these also control
    the mechanical properties of the finished component. In addition the
    report must demonstrate sufficient evidence of researching the subject.
    The research must be fully and correctly referenced. It is not
    sufficient to simply use sources from the internet (datasheets etc. must
    be included in the appendix). References in Harvard Style The report
    should be of a suitable standard for presentation The report should include:-
    • Technical content 
    •  Critical discussion  
    • General presentation and clarity of writing, spelling, grammar, the use of figures and diagrams, referencing etc

Title: Superforming – Advances In Forming Technology
Length: 11 pages (3206 Words)
Style: MLA


Superforming – Advances in Forming Technology


The recent trends in making lightweight cars that are resistant to require complex shaped alloys. Requiring the automotive industry to reduce the weight and costs of vehicles has pushed companies and second tier suppliers to make significant research and development investments geared towards forming new materials (Accudyne Engineering & Equipment Company 1). The resulting boron steel and aluminum alloys offer this desired improved safety and reduced weight. While it is an acceptable practice for companies to use advanced high steel, hot pressed boron steels, and other new equipment, sheet forming has taken on a new dimension within the twenty-first century. The speed of development in the automotive industry has brought in new overlapping technologies in materials and processes (Accudyne Engineering & Equipment Company 1; Advanced Manufacturing Office 1). Superforming is an overlap that includes traditional vacuum forming with plastic aluminum allots. The process has proved efficient in making excellent surface qualities with significant capital investments. With these developments in the automotive industry, advancements in superforming cannot fail to capture attention. Thus, the following review covers the latest developments in sheet form processes and highlights the advancements and trends in the sheet forming industry.

Background to the study

Superforming is a process that entails heating a single sheet of aluminum into a complex three-dimensional shape (Advanced Manufacturing Office 1). The aluminum is heated at hot pressures of 450 to 500 degrees Celsius before being cooled under air pressure into a surface tool. The superforming processes of cavity, bubble, black pressure and diaphragm create performed components that are manufactured into various aluminum alloys. Arias, William and Ridgway (2) assert that in automotive, the cavity, and the bubble forming processes are mostly applied depending on the end application. The component design is also a factor that determines the forming components used in making aluminium alloys (Arias, William & Ridgway 2). In automotive and rails, the 500 SPF alloy is applicable because of its ability to undergo various fabrication operations to create the desired part. In essence, the alloy offers all round performance and formability that is resistant to corrosion and suitable for making the further treatment. The fabrication operations that the performed components undergo are geared towards achieving an assembly before manufacture (Cora 2; Arias, William & Ridgway 2). The super form has various sophisticated processes that allow the aluminum sheet to be used in first stage operations. Later, the super form undergoes conventional trimming and edge hedging through conventional tooling as shown below.


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