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Summarizing Course On Entreprenuerial Opportunity


Summarize a paper on the following topics listed below.

  1. If you are such genius, why aren’t you rich?
  2. Creativity and Opportunity Recognition
  3. Environmental Change and Windows of Opportunity
  4. Technology, New Products and Pioneers
  5. Market Evolution: Niches and Opportunities
  6. Trajectories and Emerging Niches
  7. Industrial Development: Linkages and Opportunity
  8. Environments of Constraint and Abundance
  9. It’s not always fair out there
  10. Leaping, Failing and Learning Success

Title: Summarizing Course On Entreprenuerial Opportunity
Length: 4 pages (1365 Words)
Style: MLA


Summarizing Topics in Entrepreneurial Opportunity: The Right Place at the Right Time! 

If you are such genius, why aren’t you rich?

The reason why some geniuses are not rich and mediocre people progress is because of their ability to put up with soft skills when interacting with others. It is acclaimed that ten very smart people can achieve more than what one genius can. Since everyone has a threshold of their abilities, the combined effort of people with different levels of intelligence contribute to the achievement of greater success. It is however imperative to note that geniuses have the ability to learn everything but not everything. Since geniuses perceive the word in a different dimension than other people, they are often caught in trouble when interacting with other people. Success is achieved from the combined efforts of a team that build connections to riches.

 Creativity and Opportunity Recognition 

Creativity and opportunity recognition are among the basic cognitive foundations of entrepreneurs. Opportunity recognition involves a multifaceted process contributed by many external factors such as the social forces, business environment, and individuals’ personality factors. Entrepreneur opportunity recognition does not just happen subconsciously, it takes a number of creative processes that involves the pursuit of opportunity. Some of the seminal stages that contribute to opportunity recognition are preparation, insight as well as evaluation. Owing to the fact that opportunity recognition is a byproduct of a creative process that enriches both the entrepreneur and their organizations. The field of entrepreneurship may want to turn to those who engage in the creative art of opportunity recognition that is central to entrepreneurship to bet insights of how ventures can be recognized and maximized on to achieve success. The relationship between creativity and entrepreneurship is interwoven to each other. For a business to move to the next level of growth, managers should come up with creative models that are going to assist them identifytheir next spring board to soaring greater heights.


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