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Management 5 Pages

Struggle More To Be Of Value Than To Be Of Success


Assignment Basics: In this homework assignment, you will perform two (2) basic actions. 

Review Wiki and Research a Motivational Quote: 

  • Research and select a motivational quote after reviewing the “Own It Quote Wiki”. 
  • Once you have a quote no one else has selected, navigate back to the Quote Wiki and add your motivational quote. 
  • Add a paragraph sharing why this quote resonated with you. 

Complete and Submit Essay: 

  • Research, write, and submit an essay regarding a SPECIFIC aspect of motivation. Do ***NOT*** be tempted to regurgitate a generic motivational theory, e.g., Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs or Vroom’s Expectancy Theory. 
  • Your essay will run about 1,250 to 1,500 words. Of course, writing style can vary this range by 30% or more. 
  • In addition to our text, include a MINIMUM of three (3) non-text scholarly (peer reviewed) reference sources. 
  • Your essay should be littered with scholarly parenthetical citation. 

Detailed Prompt: This assignment has several steps. Read on. 

Part 1 - Prep 

  1. Glance at Wiki for any student selected quotes. Yours needs to be different. 
  2. Re-read / bone up on a specific attribute of motivation theory. Invest yourself. 
  3. Hit the Internet. Find "that special motivation quote". Make it a good one - one that has personal meaning. 
  4. Own it by accessing and including your quote on the Wiki. 
  5. Include a few sentences about why this quote had meaning to you. 

Part 2 - Essay 

  1. Research as required to position your Essay. Invest yourself in this academic process. 
  2. Three (3) non-text reference sources are MINIMALLY required. It is not unusual to have 5 to 10 sources. 
  3. Using Word-processing software of choice (PDS / Word), prepare a Title Page for your essay that includes your quote. 
  4. Write the body of your work integrating a SPECIFIC aspect of motivation.
  5. Importantly, stress the "how and the why".

Title: Struggle More To Be Of Value Than To Be Of Success
Length: 5 pages (1566 Words)
Style: APA


Struggle more to be of Value than to be of Success

What is motivation? According to Elliot, and Dweck, (2007), it is an inspiration to do something that makes people to love and have passion for what they do.” This quote of motivation is applicable in all aspects of life, including in the workplace and the academic field. “Struggle more to be of value than to be of success.” This is an important motivational quote that is quite applicable to many aspects of life, including in the workplace. In most cases, people tend to focus more on success and forget the value attached to their actions. Success, in this case, may imply academic success, career success, and corporate success that entails outdoing the competitors in the market. When the aspect of value is ignored, problems come in because one can neither account for his or her actions nor understand how the entire process of the acquisition of success came into being. This paper analyzes the quote, “Struggle more to be of value than to be of success.” The paper explains why this quote has meaning to me, how and why it is important to everyone.


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