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Psychology 1 Page

Stress: Definition And An Overview Of Its Impact


Both texts provide a definition of stress and an overview of the impact of stress both psychologically and physiologically. Within the context of your readings, think about a recent situation in your work environment in which you felt particularly stressed. Describe the behaviors that you exhibited. What were your ways of appraising, reducing, and/or ultimately eliminating the source of stress? Assess your ability to recognize when you are falling victim to stress.


Title: Stress: Definition And An Overview Of Its Impact
Length: 1 pages (275 Words)
Style: APA



 In psychological terms, stress is regarded as a strenuous feeling, pressure or tension felt by a person emotionally. While an ideal measure of stress is significant for human survival tactics, too much stress leads to a negative impact on the body. Stress bears upon the body psychologically and physiologically. Some of the physiological symptoms of stress include; reduced concentration, insomnia, muscle tension, increased heart rate and blood pressure (Bressert, 2015). Emotional signs include; frustrations, high irritability, apathy and jitteriness.


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