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Management 3 Pages

Strategic Management


Instructions - Article Selection. 

1. Choose an article dealing with issues surrounding a recent combination of two companies (i.e., within the last 3 years). Such a combination is called a merger or an acquisition. The term “merger” is used when the combination occurs under friendly circumstances and it is between two companies considered to be more or less equals. The term “acquisition” is used when a larger firm absorbs a smaller firm. Such a combination may be on friendly terms or occur in a hostile takeover.

  • Do not choose an article that discusses mergers and acquisitions in general
  • Choose an article dealing with a specific merger or acquisition (e.g., McDonald’s and Olive Garden)

2. The article should provide information on the following issues:

  • What are the companies (or the acquiring company) trying to do?
  • What synergies/benefits are the companies (or the acquiring company) expecting to gain from the deal?
  • What are the concerns or risks to the companies involved in this particular merger/acquisition?

NOTE: You won’t be able to answer these questions if your article doesn’t deal with a merger/acquisition of specific companies.

 3. The article needs to come from a reputable source (Business Week, Forbes, Fortune, INC., The Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, NY Times, etc.). Do not simply use a website as your source of information. The article must be a feature article that addresses the issues listed above in instruction number 2. You may need to look at more than one article on a particular merger/acquisition to gather all the information in number 2 above. The article obviously needs to be several pages long in order for you to be able to fulfill the length requirements listed below. If the article is too short, it will be difficult to summarize and provide comments that will be 3 pages long.

  • Do not choose a press release from either of the companies involved. You will typically not find the risks of the deal in such a document, only a positive “spin” from the company.
  • Do not choose a story from a website that is not associated with a magazine, journal, or newspaper. I do not want to see an article from sites with names like “The Federal Reserve” or “”. The article needs to come from a reputable journalistic source (e.g., Wall Street Journal). I will mark down your score substantially if this is not the case.

 Instructions - Article Summary and Comments.

1. Summarize the article. In doing so, answer the three questions posed in instruction number 2 above.

2. Comment on the article.

  • What did you learn?
  • What surprised you?
  • What did you already know?

Instructions - Assignment Format.

 You must type the assignment using the following format and length requirements:

  • Title page: please include a title page
  • Font: Times Roman.
  • Font Size: 12 pt. DO NOT USE A SIZE LARGER THAN 12 PT.
  • Margins: 1 inch top, bottom, left, and right.
  • Spacing: Double
  • Length: The article summary and your comments should total a minimum of 3 full pages (not 2 1/3). The summary should take up no more than 2 pages of the paper. Your comments/analysis should be at least 1 page of the paper.
  • Reference: Provide a reference for the article(s) at the end of the paper

Use the attached file for referrence:Instructions.docx


Title: Strategic Management
Length: 3 pages (825 Words)
Style: MLA


Strategic Management

 Forbes is an American business periodical possessed by Forbes. Printed once every two weeks, it boasts unique articles on industry, marketing, investing, and finance subjects. Forbes also writes upon interrelated matters such as communications, law, technology, and science (Forbes 1). Its head offices are in New York City. Primary contestants in the nationwide business periodical grouping are the Fortune and the Bloomberg BusinessWeek. The Forbes is familiar with its tilts and classifications, including its classifications of the wealthiest Americans and standings of the top countries of the world. Their motto is "The Capitalist Tool”. The chairman and editor is Steve Forbes, and its CEO is Mike Perils. An acquisition happens when a company adopts another and entirely creates itself as the new proprietor in which the company targeted still survives as a self-governing legal unit managed by the acquirer. It is a feature of strategic administration, business finance, and controlling handling the marketing, purchasing, and joining of dissimilar businesses and comparable entities that can assist an initiative cultivate fast in its sector or a new place, without generating a subsidiary, or utilizing a joint endeavor. The alliance of a business happens when the widespread acquisition action focuses the resources of a small company into a few larger one, such as the Facebook and WhatsApp Company in 2014 (Forbes


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