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Stock Valuation


There are many stock valuation models including the zero-growth model, constant-growth model, variable-growth model, free-cash flow valuation model, book value per share model and the liquidation value model. Many of these models require you to make assumptions about growth rates or dividend payments and some models have limitations on their use. For instance, the constant growth model requires that the dividend growth rate be constant and less than the investor’s required rate of return.


Title: Stock Valuation
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Stock Valuation

This paper will analyse the financial reports of Boeing company using price earnings multiple approach to calculate it’s stock prices.

The EPS for Boeing company as from the year 2010 to 2015

Below is a table showing the basic EPS and diluted EPS for Boieng company. It is important to appreciate the company’s complexity of its capital structure, and the dilution effect on the earning per share that comes with outstanding dilutive securities.


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