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Starbucks' Cost Analysis And Market Status


Starbucks' Cost Analysis and Market Status


Title: Starbucks' Cost Analysis And Market Status
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Company Profile 

Starbucks serves the global coffee market, it is a corporation based in America and it is business name is Starbuck Coffee (Larimore, 2013). It is the world’s largest coffeehouse with headquarters at 2401 South of Utah Avenue, Seattle, Washington, United States. The corporation was founded in March 30, 1971 with Zev Siegi, Jerry Baldwin, and Gordon Bowker, as it is founders. Presently, Howard Schultz is the CEO and the Chairman of the corporation while Kevin Johnson is the COO and the President. The company operates 21,536 retail shops worldwide according to March 12, 2015 reports. Major products for the company include Coffee, Pastries, Tea, Smoothies, and Frappuccino beverages.


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