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  1. Explain, discuss and analyze how does starbucks use social media? 
  2. Discuss how starbucks have different types of food/bevarages according to the seasons and how does this affect their marketing
  3. How do starbucks staff communicate with customers and how does it benefit them?

Title: Starbucks
Length: 4 pages (1100 Words)
Style: MLA


            A few years ago, integration of social media to the corporates was strange. That facade, however, has been changed. It has been embraced in marketing fast, far more than anyone expected. It’s simple nature also has gone a long way helping it in win admiration from both marketers and potential customers alike. Recent years have been marked with development and expansion of new social media channels and tools. Basically, the idea is to facilitate a two-way personal communication and interaction among different people irrespective of their actual geographical location. In light of these events, Starbucks is one of the companies that intentionally rolled out their plan of incorporating social media into their market strategies for improved volumes. This paper takes a careful study of how Starbucks uses social media, how they employ different types of food/beverages during different seasons and how this affects their marketing as well as getting to know how Starbucks staff communicates with customers and the benefits accruing that.

            Starbucks are not the only food and beverage joint, and that’s why it uses social media to create a unique experience for every potential customer. Through the social network, it attempts to build trust with online communities so that members can easily share thoughts and interact as well due to the warm connection. A network may be huge, containing a large number of persons like in the case of facebook, or it may contain just a “handful”. This is depending on its ability to pull web traffic.


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