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Law 1 Page

Spouse Wiretapping


Slick Sammy is seeking to divorce his wife, Betty Boo. After consulting with an attorney, the attorney informed Slick Sammy that Betty Boo is entitled to request alimony. However, Slick Sammy wants to avoid paying alimony to Betty Boo, as she has been a homemaker for the entire marriage and has taken care of Slick Sammy’s seven children (two of whom are from a prior marriage). So, Slick Sammy hires a detective to tap Betty Boo’s cellular phone and any telephone in the marital home. 

Does wiretapping another spouse’s telephone and marital surroundings violate that spouse’s privacy? Consider White v. White, 344 N.J. Super. 211 (Ch. Div. 2001) . 

Do the wiretapping laws extend to marital circumstances and/or family law?

Consider the marital home and the various exceptions associated with it.


Title: Spouse Wiretapping
Length: 1 pages (466 Words)
Style: APA


Spouse Wiretap

Wiretapping is an act of secretly listening to and/ or recording other person's Internet, wire, oral, or electronic communication as part investigation (Nockleby, 2012, p. 3). According to the federal and the state wiretapping law, a person is legally allowed to tape and/or record a conversation provided that he/she is a party to that conversation (Yeh, 2009, p. 18). The same law also states that a person cannot tape a spouse while he/she is talking to other people, even if it is a paramour. Any other form of recording or taping another persons' conversation is a violation of the civil and criminal wiretap laws (White, 2001, P. 11).


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