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Sports Mascots, Race, And Cultural Appropriation



Reading Packet: Sports Mascots, Race, and Cultural Appropriation

Citation Style: MLA
Source: College of Arts & Sciences, English Language & Literature

You will be writing an essay between 750-1,500 words in length. The “Works Cited” section is NOT included in this total. 


Which arguments from the reading packet do you find most compelling? Explain which arguments are most persuasive by analyzing the writers’ logic, use of evidence, credibility, and appeals to audiences’ values, beliefs, or emotions. Use at least three reading packet sources in your essay (located below).

MINIMAL ESSAY REQUIREMENTS (See below for expanded details) 

  • Read ALL the articles in your the Reading Packet (below). We will assume that you have done so.
  • You MUST write your essay in response to the prompt (question) assigned:
  • You MUST cite within your essay from at least 3 of the 5-7 different URL sources in your chosen Reading Packet.
  • You MUST use the Reading Packet sources to develop your argument.
  • You MUST complete the “Works Cited” box for all sources you use within your essay.
  • You may NOT use or cite any sources outside of those in your Reading Packet.

The structure of your essay should include

  • Your introduction with your central idea
  • The body of your essay, which is the development, or the explanation of your ideas, with citations from the articles in your Reading Packet
  • Citations from 3 or more articles in your Reading Packet as they relate to your position on the topic (you may support or refute arguments presented by the Reading Packet authors, but you may not use or cite outside sources)
  • Explanations how the citations you include support your position, and
  • A conclusion that summarizes your argument, and returns to your central idea with new insight.

URLs and Instructions:
Read entire essay: “This Is Not an Indian: Situating Claims about Indianness in Sporting Worlds.”
Read entire essay: “The Mascot Slot: Cultural Citizenship, Political Correctness, and Pseudo-Indian Sports Symbols.”
Read entire blog entry: “The 2,128 Native American Mascots People aren’t Talking About.”
Read entire news story: “A Slur or Term of ‘Honor’? Controversy Heightens about Washington Redskins.”
Read entire blog entry: “Why Use of Native American Nicknames is an Obvious Affront.”
Read entire essay: “‘I’m Indian Too!’: Claiming Native American Identity, Crafting Authority in Mascot Debates.”


Title: Sports Mascots, Race, And Cultural Appropriation
Length: 3 pages (894 Words)
Style: MLA


Sports Mascots, Race, and Cultural Appropriation

Belief in various sporting aspects is often culturally associated whereby a team or a sport’s history is often associated with a certain cultural aspect of the team’s origin. Often, sporting beliefs, symbols, customs or traditions have been associated with racial or cultural aspects with the majority being sports mascots. One of the largest NFL teams in the US has been faced with much criticism about the team's mascot which has been associated with racial prejudice and offensiveness. The Washington DC’s Redskins have for a long time used the name "Redskins" with a logo portraying a Native American man's head. The controversy encircling the team has been as a result of the historical clashes between the Native Americans and the white men. While some people may depict this as a normal mascot just like any other mascot for any other team, Native American tribes and other lobby groups have been campaigning largely for the Washington Redskins name and logo to be changed.


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