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Soul Of A Citizen Reflective Paper


Write a reflective paper of  Soul of a Citizen by Paul Loeb .


Title: Soul Of A Citizen Reflective Paper
Length: 2 pages (550 Words)
Style: APA



This is one of the most influential and classic handbook in nurturing social activists any individual with the inspiration of making a difference during crucial moments. These differences can either be small or big but all counts. As for me, it has been critical in motivating me to make my actions and voice heard. As such, it has encouraged me to participate in community activities most of which are based on volunteering. As I studied the book, I realized that there is no need of giving up even if my spirits are flagging, or during distressing moments. However, one needs to keep on moving for success is near at such occasions. Therefore, as a social worker, I felt committed to encouraging people going through various challenges in life not to give up but get inspired (Loeb, 2010).


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