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Somalia Country Challenges


Write a paper analyzing the challenges that your country faces as well as its level of socioeconomic development, you are ready to research and write the Country Analysis section of the report.  This section should be an analysis of three important challenges facing your country.  It is essential that you identify current and significant challenges and that you describe each thoroughly, connecting it to both current conditions and historical causes


Title: Somalia Country Challenges
Length: 3 pages (825 Words)
Style: MLA


Somalia Country Challenges

Economic and development challenges

Somalia has had numerous social and political instabilities that pose economic challenges to the country. After the fall of the government in 1991, the entire economy collapsed. The country’s capital; Mogadishu, has also experienced numerous bombings that result to destruction of property, including organizations and businesses (Menkhaus 225). Wealthy citizens also face the risk of being kidnapped by the Alshabaab terrorist group, a factor that makes them flee the country to other stable areas of economic development. The insecurity situation in the country posed by Alshabaab also makes the education system poor, yet education is a significant factor for economic development. The paper discusses how these factors negatively impact on the country’s economic growth.


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