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Anthropology 2 Pages

Sociocultural Anthropology


Your assignment is to research and summarize in no more than 500 words the main thesis or argument of the book; Brody, H. 2001. The Other Side of Eden. London: Faber & Faber.


Title: Sociocultural Anthropology
Length: 2 pages (697 Words)
Style: APA


The Other Side of Eden book begins with the author Hugh Brody introducing three ideas that help in guiding the reader towards the themes and stories of the book. To begin with, the characters that he portrays as hunters and gatherers live in the Arctic North, a marginalized area concentrated with people that depend on farming. Secondly, he shows that the level of civilization or evolution has nothing to do with the differences that exist between farmers and hunter-gatherers. He uses this to show that all individuals remain humans despite of the places they live or their heritage.1 In the third idea, he shows that the agricultural community changes over time; this is contrary to the white stereotype that views them as individuals that live in one locality without movements.


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