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Psychology 3 Pages

Social Psychology Case Study


Social Psychology Case Study

 When John Buckingham moved across the country to take a new job, he didn’t expect to run into much difficulty. He would be doing the same kind of work he was used to doing, just for a new company. But when he arrived on his first day, he realized there was more for him to adjust to than he had realized.

Clearly, John had moved to a region where the culture was much more laid back and casual than he was used to. He showed up for his first day in his usual business suit only to find that almost all the other employees wore jeans, Western shirts, and cowboy boots. Many of them merely stared awkwardly when they first saw John, and then hurriedly tried to look busy while avoiding eye contact.

John got the message. On his second day at work John also wore jeans and a casual shirt, although he didn’t yet own a pair own cowboy boots. He found that people seemed more relaxed around him, but that they continued to treat him warily. It would be several weeks—after he’d gone out and bought boots and started wearing them to work—before certain people warmed up to John enough to even talk to him.

1. What does the behavior of John’s coworkers toward John suggest about their attributions for his initial manner of dress?

2. Describe the kinds of biases that might have affected John’s coworkers as they formed impressions of him on his first day. Could they have been using a faulty schema to understand him? Is there evidence of the halo effect?

3. Explain why John changed his manner of dress so soon after starting his new job. What processes were likely involved in his decision to do so?

4. John’s coworkers seemed very hesitant to “warm up” to John. How would you explain to John their initial reluctance to like him very much?

5. If you were the human resources director for this company, what strategies could you employ to prevent experiences like John’s? How would you justify the implementation of these strategies to the company president


Title: Social Psychology Case Study
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Social Psychology Case Study

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Answer 1

The coworkers saw John’s mode of dressing as new and alien. They were not used to workers coming to work wearing as John did, and this had to attract their attention. John had to notice and that is why he decided to change his mode of dressing the following day. We see them continuing to treat him differently even when he changes his dressing, until he decides to each other, and any behavior, like John’s dressing, that tried to affect their subjective experiences or intentions had to attract attention. John’s first experience is an example of the social phycology concept that parties of social interaction have to be aware of each other as well as put each other in mind. It may not be in sight or directly behaving towards each other but the mutual subjective orientation towards each other, get his own pair of cowboy boots. The social interaction between John and the other coworkers on the first day was different to that the coworkers had towards each other, as they had become socially oriented towards each other.

Answer 2

The coworkers used a faulty schema in trying to understand John, as they used a bias social interaction that was based on John’s appearance. The overall social evaluation of the coworkers towards John was basically judgments that were based on John’s specific and unique traits. In other words, John’s dressing characteristic, whether they were attractive and likable or otherwise, were used by the coworkers in making them attempt to evaluate John’s personality traits. The bias attribute of the coworkers can be shown by the fact that they concluded John’s personality qualities were based on what he was wearing, even though they had never met him, not understanding that personality qualities may not always be based on a person’s looks and mode of dressing.


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