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Psychology 2 Pages

Social Justice


For this discussion, consider the implicit as well as the explicit messages in your readings. Avoid giving your opinions based on any personal observations or experiences.    

  1. What are some U.S. values about social justice?  
  2. Do these values conflict with or align with U.S. beliefs about social justice?  
  3. Who is responsible for ensuring all U.S. citizens experience social justice?

Title: Social Justice
Length: 2 pages (350 Words)
Style: APA


The U.S. has a strong value system about social justice. Social justice requires that every citizen gets an equal economic, social, and political rights and opportunity. Further, values are the guiding principles for social relations and human behaviorsderived from judgments of the behavioral actions.Moreover, the outcomes judged worthy of repetition and desirable are positively valued. The values that govern a just society includeequality, freedom of movement and free choice, self-respect, basic rights and liberty, cooperation, collectively-orientation, and mutualism (Martin, 2006, p. 123).In addition, the U.S. values about social justice conflict with the country’s beliefs. 


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