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Sociology 2 Pages

Social Issue And Social Action


For this homework assignment students are asked to choose a social issue related to U.S. class inequality, global stratification OR gender stratification to research and report on.  Students are also asked to investigate an organization that is addressing the issue in some way and report on the impact they have made in their efforts to address the problem.  The paper should be approximately 4-5 pages, double spaced.  Use the following directions to complete the assignment and let me know as soon as possible if you have any questions.

Part I: Social Issue (Write at least 2 pages describing the social issue with this information)

Choose a social issue (social problem that is a trend or epidemic) related to inequality based on the U.S. class system, the global stratification system or on gender stratification

Example issues: domestic violence, unequal access to education, food deserts/food insecurity, sweatshops in developing nations, sex trafficking

Conduct research on your chosen issue to gather data and information from which to describe the issue in the first half of the written paper

You will want data that describes the issue and “paints a picture” that shows why it is a social issue and how it is related to social stratification and dominant/minority group relations

You are required to use at least 4 sources of information within this section of the paper

  • Feel free to use articles and other readings from the course
  • If you have a concern over whether a source is appropriate to use let me know and I will help you decide

Part II: Social Action (Write at least 2 pages describing the social issue with this information)

Once you have information about the social problem find an organization that is addressing the problem


Find information regarding

  • The mission of the organization (why were they established, what do they do, and what are their goals?
  • The activities they pursue to address the issue and the impact their efforts have had up to this point

Provide at least 2 detailed examples


Title: Social Issue And Social Action
Length: 2 pages (670 Words)
Style: APA


Social Issue and Social Action: Domestic Violence

Domestic violence remains a serious issue of concern in many societies in the world. It is a pattern of establishing control and power over a domestic partner through intimidation and fear, including threats and use of violence. Anyone can be a victim of domestic violence irrespective of their level of income, race, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, among other factors. Both genders are victims of this social problem. However, in many societies around the world, domestic violence has affected women more than men. This is based on the gender biased male chauvinism that sees men feel and act superior to their female counterparts in almost every social aspect. This paper discusses domestic violence as a social problem in societies across the world. The paper gives the relevant statistics of the problem and makes reference to an organization that deals with domestic violence.


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