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Sociology 2 Pages

Soc 101: Principles Of Sociology


Explain the research of George Ritzer…McDonalidization of society.  Do you think that Tiffin University has become McDonaldized?  If yes, what are some of the benefits and costs? If no, would TU run more smoothly if it were McDonaldized?  (20 possible points)

Asch. Milgram, and Zimbardo published their research in the 1950s and 1960s.  Explain in detail each theorists research and respond to the question: Why do you think faculty still teach about these studies? (60 possible points)

Discuss the concept of bureaucracy.  Within your definition, explain Max Weber’s ideal characteristics of bureaucracy.  Using an assembly line at the Hawthorne Electric Plant, discuss how these characteristics can be used.  Also within your discussion, what are some problems that bureaucracies experience.  Be specific. ( 20 points possible)


Title: Soc 101: Principles Of Sociology
Length: 2 pages (550 Words)
Style: APA


Answer 1

In his research on Macdonalization of the society, George Ritzer explains the rampant change in the modern society in the adoption off the fast food culture. People have veered away from preparing food from scratch to buying the fast foods that get ready within minutes. Macdonalization has become a major concern based on serious health problems associated with it, including obesity and cancer. Tiffin University, like any other university in the world, has become Macdonalized. Students at the university prefer taking the minimum time possible in preparation and consumption of food. This is the reason that they have adopted the fast food culture. Macdonalization comes with time and money saving costs. The fast foods are cheaper and affordable as compared to the natural foods. The other benefit associated with the Macdonalization culture is that it has created business opportunities for students and some outsiders in the university. With time being a major factor in academic study, fast foods are gaining popularity in learning institutions. However, as Ritzer indicates in his research, they also come with some negative health impacts that are detrimental for the students.


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