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Slavery In The South


Carefully read the book before answer the question in a complete essay (See the additional file). For the essay, it has to use my own words and personal comments.

Exam for Celia, a Slave, Melton A. McLaurin Book: Celia, a Slave. Melton A. McLaurin Instruction: Read the book and the question carefully before answer it in a complete essay. Never, never, never copy and paste from a website. I have to use your own words and personal thought. You can use a quote or an example from the book but don't forget to cite it. Insightful analysis and clearness of answers. 

Question: Southerners justified their “peculiar institution” (that is, slavery) by claiming paternalistic oversight. In other words, Negroes were like children, and if white slave owners didn’t take care of them, then the slaves wouldn’t know how to take care of themselves. The case of Missouri vs. Celia cast a brutal light on this attitude exposing it as false. 

In your view, why did Southern slave owners feel the need to justify their peculiar institution in a positive fashion? Note: Start the essay with a topic. Don't write “Name”, “Instructor”, “Course”, and “Date”.


Title: Slavery In The South
Length: 3 pages (825 Words)
Style: MLA


Slavery in the South

The Southerners believed that slavery was a just institution since, according to them, slaves were like children who, without their masters, could not take care of themselves. As a result, slavery in the South was more of a paternalistic relationship. However, in essence, it was more of a paternalistic oversight as masters used this policy to gain control over their slaves. 

A parent, in truth, should protect the “children” under one’s care and not use the control they have over them to take advantage of them. By portraying this peculiar institution in a positive fashion, white masters could continue exploiting their black salves without facing any consequences or any resistance.


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