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History 2 Pages

Slave Trade And Its African Trans Saharan Roots


Provide comprehensive responses to each assignment below. Make sure to adhere to word minimum limits. 

  1. In approx. 150-200 words examine the slave trade. Discuss its African and trans-Saharan roots. What were the economic foundations of the slave trade? Examine the middle passage of the slave trade. Discuss the nature of the journey. What percentage survived the journey? 
  2. In approx. 150-200 words discuss the impact of the trans-Atlantic slave trade on the societies of west Africa? Consider social, political, and demographic effects. 
  3. In approx. 150-200 words compare the experience of slaves in the Caribbean, in Brazil, and in North America.
  4. (75-100 word) please use links below 

Visit this site and choose from "Extracts from The Interesting Narrative:" and post comments about how that reading portrays the overall nature of slavery out of Africa. 

Extracts from The Interesting Narrative: 

The Middle Passage

Equiano in Cornwall and Guernsey

Equiano Gains His Freedom

The Attempt to Rescue John Annis

The Case Against the Slave Trade


Title: Slave Trade And Its African Trans Saharan Roots
Length: 2 pages (682 Words)
Style: MLA


Slave Trade in the African Society

Answer 1

 The foundation of the slave trade in Africa began in the early fifteenth century, where the Portuguese and Europeans came to Africa for exploration. These visitors’ main aim was to explore and spread the gospel among the African communities, who were still practicing traditional beliefs. The economic foundations of the slave trade lie on the notion that African people were a good source of labor to work on the plantations of the Europeans and Portuguese among other colonialists. In exchange for slaves, prominent African kings, chiefs, and elders, sought help from foreign visitors who traded weapons and other goods to conquer their enemies. Later on, captured slaves were taken to the coast for exportation to the Western countries and Europe through the trans-Atlantic route (middle passage).


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