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Significance Of Flashbulb Memories And Collective Witnessing


Discussing flashbulb memory, Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett writes: "What we remember so vividly, if not accurately over time, are the circumstances in which we first learned on the tragedy. What we value is the powerful sense of having been present for a momentous historical events." In essence, flashbulb memories make us witnesses to historical events. Analyze the significance of flashbulb memories and collective witnessing to our cultureal memory of 9/11.


Title: Significance Of Flashbulb Memories And Collective Witnessing
Length: 3 pages (825 Words)
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Significance of Flashbulb Memories and Collective Witnessing

to Our Cultural Memory of 9/11

Flashbulb memories refer to present vivid and detailed memory stored on one particular occasion that is retained for life. These memories are such that they are associated with historical events that are highly to Americans, in one way or another. Occasionally, these events affected the lives of many people, and what makes them unique is the sense of being present when the event was happening. Being present for that momentous historical event as witnesses are what makes flashbulb memories.


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