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Should Advertisments For Alcohol And Tabacco Products Be Allowed?


Should advertisments for alcohol and tabacco products be allowed?


Title: Should Advertisments For Alcohol And Tabacco Products Be Allowed?
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Advertisement of Alcohol and Tobacco Products Should Not Be Allowed

Advertisement is one of the most popular ways that organizations use to reach their customers and increase sales. Most of the product ads target television, radio, newspapers, and internet audiences. As various studies have reported, advertisement of tobacco and alcohol has significant impacts on the audience, especially the young audience and audiences that are unfamiliar with the brand (Cohen, Caburnay, & Rodgers, 2011). In most cases, the tobacco and alcohol companies make use of celebrities who are featured either smoking or tasting alcohol, something that may influence their fans to emulate them. Researchers have indicated an increase in the number of people taking alcohol and tobacco when advertisement of the products is made on the mass media on a daily basis (Bonnie, 2004). Children are also considered soft targets that are significantly affected by tobacco and alcohol companies. This paper is based on the argument that advertisement of tobacco and alcohol products should not be allowed.

            According to the National Highway Transportation Services Administration (NHTSA), approximately 11,773 people died in 2009 from car crashes attributed to drunken driving (, 2016). Researchers have reported a significant increase in tendencies to take alcohol and cigarette when the number of ads on the media per day increases. For those who had been addicted to alcohol and tobacco and want to abstain, watching the products on television may increase cravings and influence them to look for them. This behavior has especially been reported by people who try to stop smoking but cannot manage because they cannot stand watching people smoking on TV. The consumption tendencies for tobacco and alcohol are especially serious among the young people. Studies have reported evidence of youngsters who have reported to know the name of alcohol brands available in the market and places to purchase them through mass media advertisements (, 2016).


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