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Please choose a case from the end of any chapter of the course text(Managing Human Resource) for analysis. A case analysis is designed to sharpen your analytical skills. The case analysis selected (either by the instructor or by the student) will be HR related. The strongest way to analyze a case is to apply a variation of the scientific method. This method of analysis is simply a logical approach that usually includes the outline below. The content of the paper should be 4 - 6 pages in length and should also include a title page, abstract page, and reference page .

A case study analysis assignment must stand on its own, which requires an introduction of the corporate case and a summary regarding follow-up or evaluation. The students have an opportunity to improve their writing skills to succinctly describe the case study in the introduction without restating the entire case. This is a constant struggle for the student and instructors monitor whether the student is filling the paper by restating the case. Following is a basic outline and content description of a standalone case analysis:

The Introduction: Provide background, historical, and current information that sets the framework for the problem being analyzed. Only 1-1.5 pages long.

The Problem: Many corporations appear to be rife with problems, but the student must discern the difference between symptoms and base problems. Most papers should deal with one major problem. This should be only 5-6 sentences. Explanations with the why’s and wherefore’s are addressed in the analyses.

The Analyses: Use the analytical tool that best addresses the problem and will offer potential solutions. Tools from which to choose are; Porter’s five-forces model of industry competition analysis, Porter's Four Corners, SWOT, etc. Easily 2 pages.


Title: Shell
Length: 5 pages (1604 Words)
Style: APA



Shell as the leading oil and gas firm has seen tremendous growth in the recent past. However, this has not been without challenges in one area such as recruiting the qualified staff with the relevant skills and expertise required. For instance when Singh joined the royal Dutch shell in 2003, there was a very big challenge that of engineers retiring at a very high rate and this was alarming. It meant the company had to increase the number of recruits from 2697 to 5440 which almost the double from 2005 to 2006 and almost 8000 recruits by 2008. 

However, Shell at that time was a considered an employer of choice. Most people did not like working with the shell. The Human resource had to deal with the problem of coming with the best way of convincing people that Shell was the best. It could also offer a lucrative package to those who would come on board, and this could get achieve through marketing. Just like a marketer who has to market the firm or the institution to become a world leader. Shell Human resource manager had a new role to play to promote and lure people to join Shell. Marketing is considered as one of the ways that make customers buy a particular product in the same way it was to ensure that shell had the best people coming on board.


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