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Shaken Baby Syndrome Documentary


You have to watch the video and answer the questions 

  1. What were your initial reactions after watching Elijah’s story? 
  2. Child Abuse is a real problem, what does your text state about child abuse  

Title: Shaken Baby Syndrome Documentary
Length: 2 pages (300 Words)
Style: APA


The “Shaken Baby Syndrome Documentary” presents a touching and emotional story about Elijah’s death after his father unbelievably shook him to death. It is heart-rending to listen as Emily Fisher describes losing her only son. The story told with pain, love, and regret easily brings me to my knees in prayer and hurt for her. How could the father repeatedly shake the crying baby without stopping, yet he knew it was wrong? For long, I will remember Elijah’s mother crying in the video over the sad loss. Moreover, I will remember Elijah’s father sitting in prison, wailing in prison clothes, basically admitting that he lost both his son and his whole life. Because of this story, the world should stop and take notice of the damage caused by Shaken Baby Syndrome. At present, Elijah may not say much, but he has a huge voice. In over a decade now, the 16-month old boy has reached more people than most of us will in our entire life. Further, Elijah’s mom will forever be blessed for teaching the world.


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