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Sex and Violence in the Media
Communications 8 Pages

Sex And Violence In The Media


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Analyze sex and violence in today's media and the ethical and legal issues that may arise.


Title: Sex And Violence In The Media
Length: 8 pages (2261 Words)
Style: APA


Throughout history, sex and violence have always been issues argued in terms of their effect on society. Individuals are drawn to these subjects in media, but at the same time, feel as if these topics are taboo when it comes to television shows, movies, popular music, and video games. Evolving technology has made sex and violence more prevalent in the media, thus more prevalent in the lives of children as well as adults. With this prevalence comes ethical and legal issues. When the usage of the Internet is added into the mix, the issues become deeper. The Internet gives users a sort of anonymity, leading to actions that the induvial may not necessarily act out in life. 

It has long been debated whether children are affected by the graphic images of sex and violence seen or heard in the media. Some say that
children who view these things can be taught the difference between what is real and what is created for the screen. Others strive to monitor what their children see in the media in order to keep the child safe and shielded from these images until they are of age.

It cannot be argued, however, that today’s children spend much of their time consuming media in some way, whether it be watching television, playing a video game, or browsing the Internet. A recent study discovered that the average 8-to-10 year old spends nearly eight hours a day with a variety of different media, while older children and teenagers spend more than 11 hours per day (Brody, 2015). With this much time spent in front of a screen, children are likely to see a violent or sexual act at some point, even in the most innocent of programs or games.

Research has shown that exposure to media violence by children does have negative psychological consequences. The exposures, whether long-term or short-term can cause increased aggressive behavior and a diminished level of excitement toward violent acts (Smith, 2015). These consequences, over time, can become a significant problem as the children grow into teenagers and have more contact with other individuals. An experiment on college students found that those who watched movies containing violent sexual acts viewed rape as less negative of a crime than students who watched neutral movies (Smith, 2015). By viewing rape as a less negative crime, a worst-case scenario may be that children grow into teenagers with the idea that consent is not necessary, which only perpetuates a rape culture among teenagers.


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