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Service Marketing : Service Encounter Journal


This assessment is designed to get you thinking about and applying theoretical constructs in your everyday activities. It is a two stage process. You are asked to record individual service encounters over a period of time as described in attached document . You are then asked to produce a report analysing these encounters using a range of appropriate theoretical constructs.


Title: Service Marketing : Service Encounter Journal
Length: 12 pages (3300 Words)
Style: MLA


Terms of reference

This work was done by.............. a student of European Business School London. The date due for this assignment is................. and will be presented to......................; I have analyzed 4 major encounters both from London and outside the city using various constructs and techniques learned in class.


For the completion of this paper to be complete, journals, books, business publications and internet sources were used, as well as a report from personal encounters from the field. Kindly visit my appendices for more clarification on the sources of information. My encounters from the service journal are the heart of this report, and they have been supported by constructs and explanations of methodology from other sources.

Introduction of the encounters is given in the introduction part, and the extensive description is found in the encounter analysis under the factors for dissatisfaction and satisfaction. The conclusion and recommendations are derived from the 4 encounters with support from constructs learned in class and from other sources cited in this report.


Through my encounter in several business entities and organizations, I have been able to record my experiences, and I can classify them according to the level of satisfaction or dissatisfaction I got from each of them. Some assumptions have been drawn from pre-determined outcomes of market encounters, and I have been able to compose this comprehensive report on the same. My encounters have been numerous, but I have only composed 4 of the ones I felt that have really shaped my view of the market and have influenced my decision making whenever I need to have a repeat of any encounter I had before.

In my raw service encounter journal, I have recorded 8 entries of encounters which I had recently from different entities and the experience I got from each one of them. However, some experiences are so personal and would not be appropriate to discuss them in class, as well as others being too obvious to be used for academic purposes. I have discussed the encounters in detail to bring about the real sense of satisfaction or dissatisfaction, and to make it different from any other encounter in the past.

Dubai International Airport

During July, this year, I made a visit to Dubai to attend my sister’s wedding, which was held in Grand Hyatt Dubai Hotel gardens. The wedding was to take 2 days to complete then the couple would travel to Canada for their honeymoon. I was very nervous since I had not visited Middle East countries before and more so, a country with such diverse cultural background United Arab Emirates. Since I was alone from our family members who were travelling from UK, I boarded a plane belonging to Emirates and landed in Dubai International Airport at 8.35AM on a Saturday morning. Just like any other passenger, I went through the screening process; for my luggage to be verified by the security personnel.

The worst of it all happened when one security officer came to have a look at my suitcase and ordered me to put all my things on the floor so that a thorough search can be conducted. I had bought a wedding gift for my sister and the moment I put all my items out the case, the glass trophy broken into 2 pieces. There we long queue since it was on a morning, and many plans had been scheduled to arrive at short intervals. I waited for long before the search could be completed, and by the time I left the port, it was already 10.50AM, and the wedding was starting at 10.00AM. I had to search for Grand Hyatt Dubai Hotel gardens for hours since the only person I could ask for direction of the wedding venue was my sister and by that time she had already switched off her cell phone for the ceremony to take place.


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