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Separate Accounts For Couples


Should couples have separate bank accounts?


Title: Separate Accounts For Couples
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Separate accounts for couples 


Joint accounts are often used by couples today. It is considered as an act of trust to a marriage or relationship. The significance of trust in any relationship/marriage cannot be overemphasized. Couples need to ensure that they cultivate trust if the courtship/marriages/relationships are to last the test of time. There are some ways through which couples can build trust. The joint ownership of a bank account is one of the ways through which couples can build trust. By revealing their financial status, couples will have gone a long way in ensuring that they can both trust each other. Even though the issue of money is quite a sensitive one, it is advisable for married couples understand and respect each other’s decision. On the other hand, there are those who strongly believe that married couples should operate separate bank accounts.


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