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English 101 5 Pages

Self Reliance


Your Object in this essay is to analyze "Self-Reliance" in order to demonstrate a nuanced understanding of it. Think of this as an argument, where you are arguing for the validity of your interpretation of "self-Reliance". In addition, you should develop a brief critique that addresses one potentially problematic aspect of Emerson's argument in "Self-Reliance.


Title: Self Reliance
Length: 5 pages (1500 Words)
Style: MLA


Self-reliance is an essay by an American philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson. The essay contains a clear statement of Emerson’s recurrent theme. The author encourages the need for a person to avoid false consistency and conformity. Conversely, an individual should rely on one’s judgment, capabilities, and resources. In other words, a person should accomplish the assigned task in an independent, self-sufficient, and resourceful manner.

Emerson’s essay has the qualities of a concentrate that has helped carve the ethnic of individualism. It is important for a person to think for oneself and avoid meekly accepting the conformity and other people’s ideas. Further, the author encourages personal experience instead of the knowledge taught in schools or gained from books. 


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