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Self Reflective


 Write self-reflective for this article (bridging the gap:preservice teacher and their knowledge of working with English language learners )connect it with my experience or friends .


Title: Self Reflective
Length: 1 pages (300 Words)
Style: APA


There is an increasing need for practical ideas and knowledge about preparing teachers for English Language Learners. In particular, teachers may tend to judge these students as they struggle with learning and assume that they have a cognitive delay. However, the students are just struggling with a language delay. For instance, I have friends who shared their feelings of irritation when they were pushed to learn the English language within a limited time. To put it differently, they get agitated when they are challenged to take action on learning the language that they believe is in their self-interest.

Therefore, I believe that my friends who are English learners should be valued as assets and not deficits. By all means, teachers and learning institutions should develop supportive school relationships and low anxiety situations that encourage the English Language Learners.For instance, when I was growing up, I was asked to write and speak about my life regularly in a casual, informal, and low-stress way. 


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