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Self Presentation Can Be Hazardous To Your Health: Impression Management And Health Risk.


This should be the only source to use: Self-presentation can be hazardous to your health: Impression management and health risk.

Leary, Mark R.; Tchividijian, Lydia R.; Kraxberger, Brook E.

Health Psychology, Vol 13(6), Nov 1994, 461-470

information should be cited from this specific source!!!


Title: Self Presentation Can Be Hazardous To Your Health: Impression Management And Health Risk.
Length: 1 pages (275 Words)
Style: APA


Self presentation

Self presentation refers to the way individuals present themselves in order to shape what other people may think about them. Self impression involves behaving, in a favorable manner, to make the public develop a positive attitude towards others. People always manage their impressions by acting positively to disclose certain behaviors about themselves. This is so influential because they must always try the best they can so that their behaviors and positive attitudes are acceptable by others. Social interaction guides  individuals’ attempts, on how to present themselves, because it  controls the  image they intend  to  project by altering their behaviors to  create a  good  impression to  others. Impression management involves the manner in which people portray themselves which will alternatively influence other people’s views about them. Individuals are always concerned on how others perceive and evaluate their behaviors; therefore, they make certain impressions with their public images. Impression management is also used, by organizations, to maintain their impressions on how they would like the public to perceive them. This theory establishes the ways through which organizational objectives and the intentions by these organizations to create public perceptions are related. Perception comes about when individuals presume what others perceive of them, which in turn, create the idea for the intention to behave in a given way (Leary et al, 1994).


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