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Self Driving Cars


For this assignment, I have already done the work which I will attach to the order. You will use that work that I send you to create an abstract, and an introductory page which includes a clearly defined thesis statement. I also would like for you to create a section for me for closing remarks. I have almost 20 pages worth of work and references for you to use, so you do not need to do much but use it to create a page for the abstract, a page for the introduction(which includes the thesis statement), and the concluding remarks which include predictions for the future of humanity given the technology’s . I want a page or more for each of the three sections I'm asking for. I will also include a document with further details.


Title: Self Driving Cars
Length: 3 pages (825 Words)
Style: APA


Self-Driving Cars


Technological advancement is rapidly changing the operation of many industries. Using technology, the industries are producing more efficient and effective products to meet the growing consumers’ demand. The automobile industry is one of the areas that technology is changing in a tremendous manner. The research looks at the evolution of the automobile industry from the first automobiles to the current state of affairs, andit predicts the future of the industry, which will involve the adaptation of the self-driving cars technology. The research draws heavily from recent journals and books to explain the emerging trends in the automobile industry. 

The first part of the research evaluates the emergence of automobile industry by discussing in depth some of the big industry players such as Henry Ford and his Model T, the Mercedes-Benz, and Toyota. Ford is recognized for making owning a car a reality for most Americans who previously considered cars luxurious products. Mercedes-Benz, on the other hand, is credited for producing some of the most technologically advanced cars of its era while Toyota is famed for producing affordable quality cars. The development of the earlier automobile paved the way for the advancement of the industry, which is now focusing on the production of the autonomous cars.


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