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Self Challenge


Write essay (#7) comparing video clip (, Interviewing for Solutions: Co-Constructing Goals, with Egan's chapter seven. Remember to use APA standards to cite Egan and any other sources you reference. Please note that at about 5 ½ minutes into the video you are given the opportunity to write out your response and compare it to the helper's response. That exercise should help you with this essay.

Include the following:

Explain the elements of the "miracle question" that might be associated with Egan's concept of self-challenge.

Explain how the social worker might inadvertently create resistance or resistance. Include in your explanation a statement that a less experienced helper might use with this client that would likely create reluctance or resistance, according to Egan.

Explain the practice behaviors of the helper in the video that contribute to minimizing reluctance or resistance, focusing especially on the following:

  • use of empathy, reflection, and interpersonal skills to effectively engage the client
  • communication to the client of the helper's understanding of the importance of diversity and difference in shaping life experiences
  • presentation of helper as a learner and engaging her client as an expert of her own experiences
  • applying self-awareness and self-regulation to manage the influence of her personal biases and values in working with her client

Title: Self Challenge
Length: 4 pages (1171 Words)
Style: APA




Helpers find themselves in difficulties of assisting clients in taking a self challenge. Self-challenges is essential for a person to establish their strengths in areas that they didn’t realize their capacity. It is a good way that helpers can use to assist others in finding solutions to situations they seem to be beyond their capacity to handle. This essay aims at comparing the video ‘Interviewing for Solutions: Co-Constructing Goals’ by Briar Cliff University and the concept of self-challenge by Egan.


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