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Security Threats


Suppose your business had an e-commerce website where it sold goods and accepted credit card payments. 

  1. Discuss the major security threats to this website and their potential impact. 
  2. What can be done to minimize the threats?

Site at least three sources.


Title: Security Threats
Length: 2 pages (550 Words)
Style: MLA


Security Threats

A business with an e-commerce website where it sells goods and accepts credit card payments online poses some major security issues. Credit card fraud on the Internet is a major security issue that has been recorded over the years in different businesses. Criminals may hack into merchant databases and obtain cardholder details. Such details enable them to conduct illegal business transactions. A successful attack by hackers on a business can have many negative impacts. The negative impacts include downtime of business, user financial theft and access to personal private information, revenue losses and loss of customers. The possibility to steal and misuse one’s credit card number defines the main threat in credit card payment (Bidgoli 59). This paper critically evaluates some of common security vulnerabilities and types of attacks on e-commerce business. Moreover, it provides common tactics that can be utilized to prevent such online attacks on an online business from a broad point of view.


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