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Security Concerns For Connected Cars


Your assignment is to write a short (about 1000 words) position paper on one of the topics below (both of which we have discussed or will be discussing in class). You are welcome to draw from course material, but you must also strengthen your argument using research and outside resources. Your paper must have a clear thesis and be supported by evidence.

Topic: In July 2015, hackers working with a reporter for Wired remotely hacked into a Jeep Cherokee's control system while it was being driven by the reporter and managed to kill the engine (see; a large number of Jeep and other vehicles were then recalled for these safety issues. It is notable that the recalls are for software flaws, rather than for strictly mechanical problems, and that the vehicles are equipped with computer networks, wireless access points, and sophisticated sensors and software, which present many new problems but for which safety testing may not exist or may even be hard to define. Write an essay that takes a position on this question: Does consumer and highway safety regulation need to be changed to accommodate these changes in technology?

This article is from a news website, and is not an academic paper, but it engages with an area of active academic research. You must support your argument with evidence drawn from at least three (3) academic sources; they may be from any field as long as they address issues in the article. You must cite your sources (both in the text and in a bibliography) using a recognized citation style (MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.). Information on how to cite sources is available here:


Title: Security Concerns For Connected Cars
Length: 3 pages (825 Words)
Style: MLA


Security Concerns for Connected Cars

From the article, it is clear that recent technological changes have added to motorists’ vulnerability to carjacking on highways through car hacking. Since car manufacturers detected that carjacking can be done online, they have recalled some of their vehicles not to make mechanical improvements but rectify the flaws in software. For this reason, modern day car manufacturers are working on the ways to reduce the crime which is online carjacking. 

From the various reports, it is clear to see that the software developments on motor vehicles have increased the vulnerability of motorists to carjackers because hackers are able to track them for long and make their moves when necessary(Hendershot 35). It would be vital for highway safety regulatory bodies to come up with proper ways through which the issue can be handled. Technological improvements are good for the overall benefit of society but it should not be used at the expense of motorists’ safety as in this case.


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