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Sociology 5 Pages

Science And Technology In Human Communities


Answer these two following questions:

1. To what extent is it accurate to argue that science and technology are enlarging our domains as a human community?

2. Compare and contrast robotic weapons and remotely piloted military UAVs in terms of efficacy and ethical challenges.


Title: Science And Technology In Human Communities
Length: 5 pages (1439 Words)
Style: APA


Science and Technology in Human Communities

Since the inception of humankind, scholars and scientists have continuously invented technologies whose significant benefits in the societies are innumerable. The innovations and inventions have continued to enhance the quality of life on earth making it better (Suzuki, et al., 2011, pg. 14). Advances in medical technology, communication science military science and other fields of technology have made life more enjoyable and reduced the extent of human suffering.


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