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Miss America Pageant (HBO)

Child Beauty Pageants

After watching the above videos discuss the following questions (50 Points Total):

  1. What does this video tell us about our popular culture, consumption, the politics of beauty, in this case, Miss America and children Pageants, and the production of taste and desire? (10 Points)
  2. How are these videos related to Santana W., Richard & Gregory Erickson “Consuming Faith:Advertising, Pornographic Gaze, and Religious Desire” (Chapter Three) in Religion and Popular Culture: Rescripting the Sacred. Pp. 50-66, and to “Michelle M. Lelwica’s “Losing Their Way to Salvation” in Religion and Popular Culture (pp. 174-194)? 
  3. In what way the notion of “losing their way to salvation” and the “pornographic gaze” and religious, and one may add, political desire, may be put in conversation with these videos?  
  4. How may these videos help us think about the particular views on gender, sexuality, beauty, and intellect, in our popular culture and popular religion?  
  5. How can you see a relationship between the possible internalization of gender roles and our beauty tastes drawing on the connection between these two videos?

Title: Salvation
Length: 5 pages (1375 Words)
Style: MLA


A. According to this video, the current society views sexuality as the new popular culture. The beauty pageants are dressed indecently and appear completely nude. The child beauty pageant is a mechanism of exposing children to pornography, where they are encouraged to grow into nude models. Nudity is a considerable part of the beauty in this society where sex is highly praised. The production of the beauty competitions aim at creating sexual seduction.


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