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Safavid Empire

Safavid Empire


Provide comprehensive responses to each assignment below. Make sure to adhere to word minimum limits.

  1. Examine the foundations of the Safavid empire. In approx. 150-200 words address the following: what made the Safavid empire unique? What role did Shah Ismail play in the rise of the empire? What were the religious implications and influence of the Safavids? 
  2. Examine the rise of the Mughal empire. In approx. 150-200 words address the following: what leaders were influential in development of the empire? What were the main problems that the Mughals faced in ruling India? What would be the long-term consequences of Mughal rule? 
  3. In approx. 150-200 words discuss the religious and political issues that separated the Ottoman Turks and the Safavid Turks, two neighboring Islamic states, in the sixteenth century. 
  4. Use uploaded file Busbecq.pdf as a resource. 

Why do you think the Sultan would recruit the Janissaries from Christian areas of the empire? What sorts of reforms do you think Busbecq would have liked to see implemented in the Holy Roman Empire?


Title: Safavid Empire
Length: 2 pages (710 Words)
Style: APA


Safavid Empire

Answer 1

 The Safavid Empire was based on strong Muslim traditions, propaganda, and economic strength from secure trade routes. The capital of the empire was Isfahan, where all economic gains were brought. The empire covered all lands of Persia, which are now the territory of Iran. Safavid Empire was unique due to its founding history and general population. The empire was founded by a fourteen-year-old boy who laid claim to the title of Shah in Persia. The uniqueness of the empire was also grounded in the blend of distinct identities, from the imperial of Turkish militancy and Shiism to the greater Sunni population. Shah Ismail was influential to the rise of the empire because of his appetite for avenging the death of his parents. He took control of Persia and raided areas such as Mesopotamia, Caucasus, and Anatolia over the next decade. Shah...


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